Show processes
and their number.
ps -uxw
ps -aux
u = user format,
x = show processes including secondary ones,
w = wide,
a = all.
Stop process. kill -9 {process number}  
Find expression
in file.
grep {options} {expression} {filename} options are:-
-i ignore case,
-c counts lines.
Delete file rm {options} {filename} /bin/rm -rf {filename}
Rename file mv {old filename} {new filename} filename can also be pathname.
Show contents of file cat {filename}  
Print out file lpr -P{printer's name} {filename}  
Show previous line !!:p No spaces between any of the characters in the command
Convert to DOS unix2dos {filename}  
Print out a text file
on PC network:
unix2dos {filename} | lpr -P{printer name}  
Find a filename in current
and sub-directories:
find . -name '{filename}' -print can be part of filename with wildcard symbol *

List all functions
in all C & C++
files in a
find   .   -name   ' *.c* '   -exec   ctags   -u   {}   \;
Note the spaces
in the command line.
Output format =
function name, pathname, function prototype.

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