Regular Expressions

Operator Description Example Matches Fails
. Any one character except newline . k  
^ Start of string ^T ^Train Car
$ End of string t$ Artist Train
[chars] Any character between the square brackets [xyzXYZ] Y A
[char range] Any character in the range [a-zA-Z] R 8
\d Any single numeric digit. Shortcut for [0-9] \d\d\d 456 Car
\w Any alphanumeric character or underscore. Shortcut for [a-zA-Z0-9_] \w\w\w Bus 60%
\s Space \d\s\d 1 3 123
* Previous charcter may occur zero or more times. joy*car jocar jcar
+ Previous charcter may occur once or more times joy+car joyycar car
? Previous charcter may occur once or not at all boats? boat boa
{number} Number of repititions of previous character or string. Curly brackets around number \d{3}

(Hi J.){2}

Hi J.Hi J.
45 34

Hi K.

Regular Expression Tester


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