Advance Databases


DDL Data Definition Language - defines the database schema and how the data should reside in it. It defines tables with statements like CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE as well as attributes, domains and contraints.
DML Data Manipulation Language - retrieve and update data.
DCL Data Control Language - rights, permissions and other controls such as GRANT.
ODMG Object Data Management Group.
OML Object Manipulation Language - extends programming language (such as C++, Java etc.) to retrieve objects from the database and modify them.
ODL Object Definition Language - describes under the ODMG specification the structure and content of an object database. It is used to describe the classes and relationships. A relationship is defined as a pair of traversal paths.
OOPL Object Oriented Programming Language.
OQL Object Query Language. The syntax is similar to SQL for example SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE can return a collection of objects.
OLAP On-Line Analytical Processing. OLAP systems give multidimensional views and analysis. OLAP queries summarise data giving results such as total sales per month.
OID Object Identifier.

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